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Navy Reserve Intelligence Officers

Intelligence officers are the technical experts in the collection, analysis and dissemination of information that directly supports the intelligence requirements and needs of operational warfare commanders and the National Command Authority.

Advanced systems and analysis techniques are used to locate, identify, analyze and disseminate real-time intelligence information. Typically this may include using tactical and space-based imagery, computers, radar, acoustic sensors and electronic signals surveillance to analyze intelligence data. Human Source Intelligence (HUMINT) is also employed.

Basic Education and Experience Requirements

A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution, with a solid GPA (>3.2). Naval Intelligence officers have a wide variety of technical and non-technical academic backgrounds, including law, political science, engineering, computer science, history, physical and natural sciences, and the liberal arts with an emphasis on foreign language skills, particularly Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Farsi, Vietnamese and other difficult-to-learn languages. Prior enlisted service is a huge plus! Degrees in veterinary medicine, theology/divinity, any of the healing sciences, or music are not accepted. Though the minimum requirement is a Bachelor's degree, this community would like their applicants to be well-rounded with supervisory experience and preferably an advanced degree. Intelligence is a popular and highly competitive program. Call or e-mail to determine whether you meet the competitive profile.

Candidates should also have a clean personal background with no arrests, financial bankruptcy, or poor employment record. This is necessary in order to qualify for a Top Secret security clearance.

Age Requirement

At least 19 years of age but less than 40 at time of appointment. Age waiver up to 42 granted for prior military service.

Special Requirements

Applicant and immediate family members must be U.S. citizens though there are waivers available for family members, depending on their country of origin. Applicants must be able to successfully complete a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI).

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Reserve Medical Officer Programs
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