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Navy Reserve Civil Engineer Corps Officers (CEC)

Navy Reserve Engineering Duty Officers (EDO)

Engineering duty in the Navy Reserve involves three primary functional areas: research and development, design and acquisition of new ships and submarines and their propulsion systems, and fleet maintenance

The newly appointed direct commissioned EDO will attend the Engineering Duty (ED) Course at Engineering Duty School, Vallejo, CA., if they have prior military service. Otherwise, they will attend the Direct Commission Officer Course in Pensacola, FL for their first AT. The next AT will be spent at a naval shipyard. Follow-on assignments include a sea tour, engineering officer school and mobilization site.

After completing the training course, officers must successfully pass an oral examination.

Basic Education and Experience Requirements

At least a bachelor's degree from an accredited college in one of these majors: engineering, physics, naval architecture, computer science, metallurgy or chemistry, with evidence of academic excellence. All degrees must be calculus-based.

Candidates must also have a Master's degree, be in a Master's degree program or be registered as a Professional Engineer (PE).

Candidates must have significant current or past service in an engineering-related billet on active or inactive service or equivalent civilian occupational expertise.

Age Requirement

At least 19 but less than 40 at time of appointment. Age waiver up to 42 granted for prior military service.

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